Keppi Electrolyte Powder

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Electrolyte Powder

Product Description

Keppi aims to help consumers balance out what life throws at you by nourishing your body and fueling your mind with premium quality health supplements.

Category Beauty & Health


  • Generate $500k in Sales in year1
  • Establish Competitive Review Base


  • Super Competitive Niche
  • Undifferentiated Product
  • No brand power


  • Generate $500k in Sales in year 1
  • Establish Competitive Review Base


  • Extensive Polling to Inform Product
  • Targeted Giveaways
  • Price Flexibility
  • Competitor Targeting


  • Generated $650lk in sales in year 1
  • 23k units sold, $225k in profits earned in year 1
  • 2,600 Reviews and 4.5 Star Rating
  • On track for 50,000

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